We are a specialized manufacturer of low voltage electrical panels. We carry out national and international projects based in Turkey. Due to our experience and expertise, we are always happy to offer solutions to even the most difficult projects.

With our solutions, we can improve the energy performance of many organizations in order to save cost and reduce the harmful effects on the environment.

Technological renovation, reinforcement, additional systems and opting for replacement of old equipment can be a cost-effective solution that extends the life of your existing system. This also reduces lead times compared to re-installations.

We work with you every step of the way to provide a complete service including Design, Production, Installation, Testing and Switchgear Service and Maintenance. This enables us to be a supplier that supports you in all processes of your projects and build long-term relationships.

Project studies and evaluations are completed on time in accordance with the expectations of our customers and project needs. Efficient, economical and feasible solutions are produce. Our solutions also envisage the possible needs of our customers in the future. A quality service and product understanding in accordance with international standards is adopted.

Switchgear boards are prepared in accordance with IEC 62208 and IEC 61439-1 / 2 standards in protective design form taking into account the technical values of the project and the types of switching applications. In accordance with the project specifications, it is produced in accordance with international standards with switchgear materials and electromontage products.

Products such as cable, terminal, copper busbar in switchgear panels are selected according to standards. Simple and simple methods are applied in electromontage applications. Wiring and bus mounting are done using torque tools..

Switchgear panels mechanical functionality, material layouts, wiring and cable connections, control of protective and opener systems, set of device operating values, marking, protection against direct and indirect contacts, superficial jump and separation distances, functional tests and settings of the devices used, insulation etc. routine tests are reported.

Switchgear enclosures Products tested and certified in IEC 62208 standard are used. Accredited Type Tested Panels; 61439-1 / 2 standards are certified and electro-assembled according to the design verification rules. All test application documents are reported to our customers.

Field assemblies of the production switchboards, field electrical instrumentation assemblies, plant cabling, field tests and start-up procedures etc. engineering services are carried out by our company.

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